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What Is a Ball?

What does the Ball Scene mean to us?


            The Ball scene is place where people belonging to a house get the opportunity to showcase their talents to other people that understand them. These talents may come in a variety of forms such as: Fashion Designers, Runway Models, Dancers of all types, or just to show how beautiful they are!  The Ballscene; which is a function more like a runway competition, are judged by members of the house community. These Judges are selected from Legendary houses or the ball community because they have been around and understand, the many “wild” and fun categories found at any giving ball. 


           Judging is done by a point system leaving the final contestants to battle on the runway! Often, house kids go crazy when someone “chops” them on the runway. This means giving them a score of 9's instead of 10's.  After an “OVAH” performance, the last person in the battle wins the category and the prize. The Prizes consist of one or three things; (1) a trophy, (2) Cash , and or (3) the recognition in the Ball Community.  


     Over time, some members of the house and ball community become known as Icons, Legends, or Legendary; usually 5-10 years on the ball-scene performing in a particular category to become a Legend, 15-20 year to become an Icon, and 25 years or more to become an "Lifetime Achiever."


     These are ascribed titles from the ball community. Also, Icons, Legends, or Legendary members are considered "The Educators of the ball scene". New terms today include: Statements and stars; terms that are more fitting for up and coming children in the ball community. "Once you become an Icon,  Legedary, or a Legend, "no one has the right to take this status from you!"


            Nevertheless, the Ball scene is a wonderful experience because it allows a person; otherwise unnoticed by many organizations, to make a name for themselves, and to live the “Glamorous life"; if just for 8 hours only! Therefore, house children are encouraged to have fun at the balls and don’t get upset over faulty judging. Instead we say, “No tens today creates legends tomorrow."  For the most part, we are a house that will attend a Ball if we are properly invited! For some people, the Ball scene is a way of life, but to others it's just pure fun.


     Also, some house members perfer not to become part the ball-scene. These individuals are called "House Club-Kids", which means they represent the house at the clubs during battles or shows and battle sessions on the dance floor. Last but not least, for more information about houses and definitions for categories and other terms used on the ball-scene, please visit one of the Midwest Historian's: Legendary Father/Icon/ Aaron Enigma at:


Welcome To Andromeda.  

Pioneer/Legend Father Gentry Andromeda.