House Of Andromeda; Est. 1992

"Punk For The GODS... children"

The Reign of Andromeda


In an effort to help establish and to keep correct ball history for our house, the following is a list of all events the House of Andromeda has attended. Functions in gold are upcoming events for the house.  


2006 Ball season:


How Do I Look Ball July 06

Solomon Infiniti Ball Oct 06

People Choice Award Ball Nov 06

Escada Ball Dec 06


2007 Ball season starts:


First Annual Legends Jan. 07

First Mid-west Awards Ball 07

Come Get Your Status Ball April 07

Infiniti Ball in Detroit B&W Ball:

Pride Festival 07

Herrera White Diamond Ball: June 24, 07

House of Escada “Red Escada ACC Ball: June 30th. Fifth City

Red-light Mini Ball Summer 07

The Rags-to Riches 5 Ball 07

Avant-Garde Mini Ball 07 “White Swan Ball.”

“Milwaukee’s Best Mini Ball Oct 05, 07.

Escada Ball Dec 07


2008 Ball Season:


Second Annual Legends “Twisted Ball” Jan 08

Second Annual Midwest Awards Ball “School-Daze Ball” Feb 08

Puerto Rican Parade in Humble Park and in Down Town Chicago

Pride Festival in June 08

Black Pride Festival in Sherman Park and the South Shore Cultural Center on July 08.

Marco Herrera “Rags-to Richs 6” Oct 08.


2009 Ball Season includes the following functions:


Atlanta Award Ball Jan 09.

Legends of Rags-To-Richs Mini Ball(2)  Jan 09.

The 3rd Annual Legends Ball: “Inauguration Ball Jan 09.

The New improved Midwest Awards Ball Feb 09__________________________________________________________________




2010 Ball Season includes the following:


Midwest Evolution Ball.

Andromeda Recruit Function.

45th Puerto Rican Day Pride Parade

Painted Ball: Day OF The Dead

2010 Gay Pride Parade and Picnic.


2011 Ball Seasons and Events:


Chicago 41st Pride and Picnic June 26, 2011

Milwaukee Black and Latino Pride Festival July 16, 2011 

2012 Ball Season And Event:

GayPride and Black Pride Picnic 2012

10th Annual Midwest Rags-To-Riches

2013 Ball Season and Event:


Midwest Legends Ball: (Did Not Attend).

I Will Always Love You Ball: ( Did Not Attend).

My Bloody Valentine Ball in Missouri: Feb 9 (Out of State Ball). 

13th Annual Midwest Awards Ball: March 9, 2013

ARIES BALL April 6, 2013: Indianapolis (Out of State Ball).

Shesha Memorial Ball: May 26, 2013.

Posse Ball: UMOJA PART 2: June 1, 2013.

Annual Pride Parade/Picnic: June 30th, 2013.

Our Favorite Things Ball: July 6, 2013.

Back to Basics Vol. 1 Ball: August 3, 2013{ Didn't make it}.

OKI Awards Ball. Indianapolis, IN. August 10, 2013. 

Labor Day Ball in Kansas: Sept. 2, 2013. 

The Twin City Awards Ball September 7th, 2013. Minneapolis.  

Rags-To-Riches 11; Chicago, IL. September 28th, 2013