House Of Andromeda; Est. 1992

"Punk For The GODS... children"

Andromeda History: Timelime


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The official logo for the House of Andromeda is the Lion. Our house colors are: Royal Blue, Gray, White, Gold, and Black.


                                                           Andromeda historical Timeline:


Founder/Pioneer Icon-Gentry Andromeda’s History:

  • 1987-1991 While serving in the United States Army, Gentry was in a dance group called “The Juka Boys” in Denver, Co. (Break Dancing).
  • 1992- Gentry Andromeda was introduced to the ball-scene and voguing by Tyrone Avant-Garde. During the fall of 1992, Father Gentry formed his first chapter of andromeda in Chicago chapter. He walked Models Body.
  • 1993- During the summer of 93, Gentry went back to Denver after a successful start of Andromeda in Chicago, to rename his dance group the 2nd chapter of Andromeda.
  • 1994- Father Gentry Andromeda returned to Chicago and began attending many balls. He walked Models Body and Vogue Performance(oldway).   
  • 1995- Gentry Hosted one of the two balls he had at a place called “Ann Sathers.” The Andromeda first ball called “Madness for the Gods.”
  • 1995- 96 Gentry walked many categories including Vogue Performance, Models Body, and Designers Delight. Winning many Trophies. This was a time period in which a lot of our functions in the mid-west where held at various location around town including: The Rear, May-Hun-Café, The Club House, The Generator, The Dark-side, and Ann Sathers. In 1996, the house had its second ball called “Thunder Zone” at Ann Sathers.
  • 1997- 2001... No ball activates as a house. Some members attending balls while others balanced work and school. Father Gentry Andromeda started supporting member on the pageant circuit in Chicago. Along with raising his daughter name Jada born in 1998.
  • 2001- 2002- Gentry returned to Denver, Colorado to help spread the voguing phenomena in the mountains of Colorado hoping to bring it to the west coast. Also, other members of Andromeda where exploring potential home for Andromeda in Texas. Outside of the ball-scene, Gentry Andromeda was finishing up the publication of his first book titled “Too Many Secrets”.
  • 2004- Gentry Andromeda went to London, England on a vacation. At which time, a 3rd chapter of Andromeda was forged. In 2008, He allowed the separation of the third chapter to become “The House of Barons UK.
  • 2006- In the fall of 06(Nov), Father Gentry Andromeda opened a fourth chapter of Andromeda in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With three active chapter of Andromeda, Gentry Andromeda returned to the Ball scene (Old Way). Outside of the Ballroom, Father Gentry Andromeda Published his Second Edition of his book titled “Too Many Secrets”. Also, Gentry Andromeda works as a math tutor at a community college to help many students improve their math skills. Many of which are ballroom participant.
  • 2007- Father Gentry and the new house mother; Blake Andromeda, a member for more than ten years, led their members on a ballroom rollercoaster. Father Gentry Andromeda received the Pioneering Award and Recognition Award from East-coast icon Kevin Ultra Omni and Midwest Icon Wardel Avant-Garde. By the end of the year, a new house was forged out of some members of Andromeda. In Oct 2007, the House of Phoenix was formed (Operation Double blind).
  • 2008- The Golden Age of Andromeda. After 16 years on the scene, Gentry Andromeda led his members on a path toward education and self-worth. The goal behind his philosophy was to instill the importance of life outside of the ball scene. The ball activities of the house were limited to no more than six events. All house members were instructed to return to school to complete their educational goals.
  • 2009- Andromeda Evolution.  Approaching 17 years as a house and on the Ball scene, this is the year of change and reform for house members. Also, Gentry Andromeda is working on two new fiction novels. One of which is schedule for release this fall. 
  • 2010- New Age Of Ball Life: The time of teaching ball members that they are worth more. All chapters of Andromeda become one with the chicago Main House.
  • 2011-on Dec of 2011, This house and family will turn 19 years old.
  • 2012- Andromeda 20 years old. Pioneering Father Gentry Andromeda is deemed "ICON" by Pioneer-Icon Kevin Ultra OMNI. 
  • 2013- Icon Gentry Andromeda Pioneers New "Ballroom Results System; Ballroom Codex System---> An annex of ball results from around the country designed to preserve ball history.  
  • 2013-present. Icon Gentry Andromeda has been pursuing his PhD in Education.