House Of Andromeda; Est. 1992

"Punk For The GODS... children"

   Cardinal Rules of the Legendary House of Andromeda; est 1992


What is a house?

      A house is like a family in which people from many walks of life, decide to come together to be one big family.  Like most families; houses are controlled by either a "House Father" or a "House Mother" or both.  The members of a house are called "House Children".  From time to time, the house father will appoint other house members into key positions such as: Prince, Princess, Overseer, and others, to help maintain the house.  

     As the Founder and Over-All Father of all Andromeda chapters, there are rules that must be adhered to in order to promote a family like atmosphere for our houses. Read the Following rules (6): 


  1. House members Are Not allowed to date. The only exception to this rule is if you came into the house with that person, and he/she was your mate prior to becoming a member.
  2. "Gossip" aimed at other houses or members is prohibited.    
  3. House members are discourage from doing any type of ILLEGAL/ Legal drugs, and from participating in any Illegal activities.
  4. House members are encouraged to stay on a path that is positive in the form of going to school, going to work, or by volunteering.
  5. A violation to any of the above rules; will subject the house member to disciplinary actions, including expelled from the houses.
  6. No Member is allow to violate The Princess Act of 2007. (see founder for details) 
  7. A new member must be an active participant for at least ONE FULL year before they can wear a members patch.  

        Note: If you have a problem with these rules, please go join another house/family.



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