House Of Andromeda; Est. 1992

"Punk For The GODS... children"

Family Tree

Over the years, there have been a number of members that have been in the Andromeda family. Some members simple grow tired of the ball scene, and others work behind the scene keeping our house strong. This page show the lineage of Andromeda; reflecting past and current members. (if i forgot anyone, please send me an email).

Color Blue or Gold: Current Members

Color Red: Former Members

                                  Pioneer/Icon Gentry Andromeda

1992.        Tony   David  Derrick  Erinia-Stone Van-Cartia   Larry  Julius

                 Dion    Michael

1994         Mitchell  Gearald  Chris

1995.        James    Carlton  Simone   Father-Blake   Kavis Karrem    Ereallius


2004         Brandon   Curbie   John(Tic)    Patrick(UK)   Chris(UK)

2005         Tigger   Antiochus   Ciera

2006         Elijah    Angel   Justin   Antonio(LiL)  Otis   Istro   Tavaris   

                 Antonio(Big)   Buda    Antwan  Omar   Carlose     

2007        Carlose(Ace)   Larry  Cory  Romeo   Aaliyah   Tee-Tee 

                Travor  Allen   Lucky   Cameron  Travis  Malik   Lil-Tim 

                Charles(Cj)  John   Brandon IIKay Cee, Miguel

2008       Armond   Marlon   Danny  Razzli, Taquora, Shawn,  Red, Porsha

2009      Davion    Cj   Aj   Kendel, Tameka

2010     KydeDion,  Ravon, Derrell, Robert, Mya II, King James 

2011     Gregory

2013     Ty Chiiyn  Phillip, Antron


____________Houses Forged From Andromeda_______________


                                       House of Andromeda

                                          (EST. Dec.1992)

               House of Phoenix                      House Of Barons

 (Mid-west House Est.Oct. 07- Closed 2010)                         (UK House Est. June 08- Closed 2009)